Bone density measurement (osteodensitometry) DXA

Bone density measurement DXA

In 2012, the practice was certified as the Outpatient Osteological Specialization Center DVO.

The practice thus meets the high quality standards of the German-speaking osteological specialist societies in the diagnosis and therapy of osteoporosis and other bone metabolic diseases.

Patients can thus rely on quality-assured, controlled and state-of-the-art care.

Under certain circumstances (pre-existing vertebral body fractures without accident, etc.), the bone density measurement can be charged to the statutory health insurance.

With our Osteoporosis Risk Questionnaire you can determine your personal osteoporosis risk. The questionnaire serves the preparation of a bone density measurement and osteoporosis diagnosis in our special osteoporosis consultation. Make an appointment here.

A further aid for you is our calcium calculator. You can use it to determine your actual daily/weekly calcium intake. If you notice a severe deficit, it is time for us to determine your personal risk of osteoporosis. To make an appointment, click here.

Further information on bone density measurement can be found here: - Private services - Osteodensitometry

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