health services - self-payer benefits

In addition to the general services, we offer you the following health services for holistic and individual prevention, diagnosis and therapy:

  • comprehensive osteoporosis risk analysis, fall assessment and bone density measurement
  • Measurement of whole body composition using the DXA method
  • Measurement for follow-up and early detection of loosening in hip endoprostheses
  • Spine Fracture Analysis DXA
  • Diagnostics according to the aspects of Tibetan Ayurveda
  • holistic anamnesis according to the aspects of Mind-Body-Medicine
  • sports medical advice in golf sport
  • Better Aging Consulting: Bone, Brain & Beauty
  • nutrition consultation
  • health consultation
  • sports consultation
  • Vital substance analysis
  • laboratory diagnostics
  • Intestinal flora analysis (biomedical diagnostics)

Take advantage of our wide range of services to maintain and improve your health and well-being.