Better - Aging -Coaching

Bone, Brain & Beauty

Well-being and happy medicine - Bioregenerative medicine

Health, physical and mental performance are not secrets but measurable and attainable!

A system can only be as efficient as its weakest link. We detect your "weak points" by means of individual special laboratory diagnostics. Both for patients with chronic diseases or previously unexplained complaints and for top athletes and service providers, it is important to identify and treat the causes of a lack of healing or a performance deficit (burn out).

We would like to fulfill the original idea of the physicians: Healing. Not repair, not surgery - healing is our goal! And real healing comes from within - from yourself. Not from the doctor, not from the surgeon, not from the pharmaceutical industry.

We would like to accompany you on the way from an emergency medicine to a feel-good and happy medicine and look forward to seeing you!

Please note that the medical checks we offer are extremely extensive and therefore time-consuming. Therefore a personal appointment is absolutely necessary. You should plan more than one hour for the corresponding examinations, medical checks and discussions.

The following checks can be carried out with us:

  • Anti - Aging - Check
  • Body Check
  • Whole body composition
  • nutritional analysis
  • Big health check
  • sportsman check
  • vitality check
  • Laboratory check: vitaminogram, mineralogram, hormonegram, amino acid profile (see also laboratory diagnostics)