prevention and individual medicine

Lifestyle and environmental conditions essentially determine the ageing process. You can accelerate or delay this process. They know that nicotine consumption, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition and dysstress, environmental pollution and noise have negative effects on health and ageing. The biochemical aging of our organism is a process in which free radicals and chronic inflammations (silent inflammation) play the main role. They are produced as degradation products of normal metabolism, but are also increasingly caused by environmental pollution and malnutrition.

Today, we know that these degradation processes can be positively influenced by targeted, individual micronutrient therapy, by shaping one's life and changing one's diet. In this sense we would like to help you after an individual diagnostics (see above) by a purposeful holistic therapy (micro nutrient therapy, Vitamin substitution, LASER therapy, autologous blood treatment PRP, skin resurfacing) to a positive change of your aging process.

The combination of old, handed down knowledge, e.g. in the form of the "digestive fire" of Asian medicine, the Materia Medica, from the importance of the intestinal biome for our health, the effects of intestinal dysbiosis, silent inflammation to mitochondrial energy deficit syndrome, distinguishes our competence. We want to help you to pay attention to your own health and to live preventively. This is not a luxury one should afford, but a must.

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