tibetan medicine

In contrast to the Cartesian determined mechanistic conception of man in Western medicine with the separation of body, soul and spirit, Tibetan medicine teaches the unconditional unity of body (matter) and spirit (potentiality).

According to this understanding, illness results from a dynamic imbalance of different psychological (emotions, character, behaviour), physiological (diet, constitution, climate, time, place, etc.) and cosmophysical (including five elements) factors.

Diagnosis is carried out through detailed questioning, observation and extensive pulse, tongue and urine diagnosis.

A correct diet adapted to the disease, the correct behaviour (personal responsibility of the patient), external applications (hor me; acupuncture, moxibustion) and above all medication in the form of individually formulated multi-herb mixtures (materia medica) are the basis of the therapy.

Please note that this is a very time-consuming treatment method. Please allow more than one hour for the medical consultation. A corresponding appointment is indispensable.

For tongue diagnostics, please do not drink coffee, black tea or alcohol, smoke or eat any bloating foods such as garlic, onions or cabbage two days before the appointment.

Please also avoid strong occupational or sporting stress in order not to falsify the pulse diagnosis.