Whole body composition

Especially in addition to our fitness, weight loss and individual concepts, we offer a full body composition analysis. This provides you and us with exact values with regard to yours:

  • Fat content in % of total body tissue, per region
  • Body mass in kilograms (measuring accuracy 500g)
  • Percentage of soft tissue, fatty tissue and lean tissue (muscle mass, organ mass) in grams
  • Bone mineral content (weight of calcium in total body)
  • Total body weight without fat content
  • Body mass index BMI
  • Ratio of waist fat content (android fat) to hip fat content (gynoid fat)


The fast, non-contact and repeatable measurement of the total body composition is particularly useful for the progress control of muscle growth in training programs but also for the exact and verifiable control of weight loss programs.

The measurement of the whole body composition is the perfect basis and supplement to our prevention and individual medicine offers with their anti-aging, body, nutrition, health, athlete and vital substance checks.