Therapy Plus - Self payer benefits

In the following we introduce our special therapeutic service to you:

  • Local Infrared Laser Therapy
  • Endo-LASER Therapy (Photodynamic Therapy)
  • Anti-Aging Laser Therapy
  • LASER acupuncture
  • Needle - Acupuncture
  • Full-body vibration therapy (stochastic resonance therapy)
  • Cartilage regeneration therapy - PRP
  • hyaluron therapy
  • magnetic field therapy
  • Holistic biological arthrosis therapy
  • Focused Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy - ESWT
  • Trigger point - shock wave therapy - TPST
  • homeopathic remedy
  • Stimulation current therapy (neuroregulative pain therapy)
  • infusion therapy
  • micronutrient therapy
  • Better Aging Coaching and Therapy, stem cell therapy

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