Bone, Brain & Better Aging

"Basically, people have only two wishes: to grow old and to stay young."   (Peter Bamm)

In order to fulfil these wishes you absolutely need expert support!

The average life expectancy has increased significantly for decades. The medicine of the 21st century is facing an enormous upheaval, from which a personalized medicine, a personalized and individualized medicine will emerge as a result.

Quality of life is always measured by personal health perception, vitality into old age and the ability to shape one's own everyday life in a self-determined way.

To a certain extent, personal lifestyle and environmental conditions influence the aging process. You can accelerate or delay this process. They know that nicotine consumption, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition and dysstress, environmental pollution and noise have negative effects on health and ageing.

The biochemical aging of our organism is a process in which free radicals and chronic inflammations (silent inflammation) play the main role. They are produced as degradation products of normal metabolism, but are also increasingly caused by environmental pollution and malnutrition.

Today, we know that these degradation processes can be positively influenced by targeted, individual micronutrient therapy, by shaping one's life and changing one's diet.

With this in mind, after an individual diagnosis (see above), we would like to help you achieve a positive change in your aging process through a targeted holistic therapy (micronutrient therapy, vitamin substitution, LASER therapy, autologous blood treatment PRP for skin rejuvenation, hyaluron skin filler therapy for an aesthetic face, Botox for wrinkle reduction).

The aging process cannot be prevented (anti - aging), but it can be personally influenced in the sense of a better - aging already! 

So - stay healthy! We will help you!