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Since all life is energy - dependent means light - life!

The mitochondrial energy deficit (also known as lights-out syndrome) described by Prof. König in the book "Arthrose - quite differently" identifies the loss of energy in the cells as a major cause of illness and aging. The mitochondria in the cells supply the necessary energy for all metabolic processes of the human body and do amazing things! The key enzymes of this energy production in the mitochondria are photosensitive. Through low-level laser irradiation, the enzymes can be put into a stimulated and thus active state and thus directly make more energy available to the cells. More energy means more life. The cells can regenerate faster.   

Laser for skin rejuvenation

LASER therapy in combination with PRP therapy (autologous blood, stem cells) is, in contrast to Botox or hyaluronic fillers, a natural, bioregenerative method for skin rejuvenation by using the body's own cells and growth factors with longer lasting results. This results in volume build-up and, as a result, younger-looking skin. This application is also suitable for scar therapy.

Areas of application are: Anti-aging of the facial skin, scar therapy, wound healing disorders