Endo - LASER - Therapy

LASER light is able to directly induce biochemical processes in the human body at the molecular level. Since LASER has different physical properties depending on the wavelengths (colors) used, it makes sense to place the LASER directly in the affected tissue (joint, blood circulation) depending on the disease and the desired therapeutic effect. This is called Endo-LASER therapy.

Endo-LASER therapy is used in our practice for the following indications:

  • Nerve root irritation syndromes / herniated disc / spinal canal stenosis
  • chronic tendonitis / tendosynovitis
  •  Arthrosis / Osteoarthritis
  • cartilage damages
  • circulatory problems
  • Autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammations - silent inflammation
  • diabetes mellitus
  • Increased performance in top-class sport

In combination with chemical or herbal substances, the effects of low-level laser therapy can be further increased and specified. In our practice, a combination of curcumin infusions, coenzyme Q10 infusions, vitamin C infusions, hyaluronic acid injections, autologous blood and PRP injections and endo-LASER therapy is used. Indications for such treatment are:

  • Rheumatism / osteoarthrosis / fibromyalgia
  • diabetes mellitus
  • lipometabolic disorders
  • Autoimmune diseases - M.S., psoriasis, neurodermatitis