LASER - PRT, Platelet Rich Plasma, stem cell therapy

A herniated disc or a narrowing of the nerve outlet canal at the spinal column leads to the entrapment of a nerve root. This causes pain in the corresponding nerve area.

If there are no serious motor deficits (paralysis), your pain can be treated with the help of interventional pain therapy. Many slipped discs - especially if they have recently occurred - can shrink spontaneously or with targeted treatments, medication and injections and become smaller, thus releasing the constricted nerve root again. In this way, surgical therapy can be avoided. If the microtherapy does not significantly improve your symptoms, surgical intervention can be followed in most cases.

For the PRT (injection to the inflamed nerve root, periradicular) you are placed in the prone position and after the usual preparations and the determination of the spinal column section to be treated, the coordinates are marked on the skin. The skin is then disinfected several times and treatment begins. A thin injection needle is inserted under local anaesthesia of the skin and musculature up to the immediate vicinity of the nerve root. A thin fibre optic cable is then pushed over the hollow space of the needle up to the nerve root over which the LASER is then applied. The different wavelengths (colours) of the LASER have completely different effects.

    RED-LASER stimulates the immune system, improves the deformability of the red blood cells and thus works against circulatory disorders and directly stimulates the energy production of the body cells in the mitochondria.

    GREEN LASER improves the oxygen uptake of the red blood pigment and thus the oxygen supply of the tissues, an important aspect especially in wound healing disorders.

    BLUE LASER stimulates the production of energy in the mitochondria, has an antibacterial effect and improves microcirculation. BLUE LASER can activate the active substance curcumin in the body.

    INFRAROT-LASER has the highest penetration depth in the tissue and can therefore be used for deeper processes. It is used directly for tissue regeneration in case of nerve damage, muscle fibre tears, haematomas or skin damage after injuries. Due to its penetration depth, it can even be applied through the skull bone.

    YELLOW LASER stimulates the production of energy in the mitochindria. It promotes the release of serotonin and activates vitamin D in the body.