Micronutrient therapy

The western way of life and diet, but also many of the therapies used today in orthodox medicine (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, cortisone therapy) lead to a strong strain on the human organism and in the long run to permanent overstrain of its compensation systems programmed for health and balance.

In order to maintain a healthy balance (homeostasis), the organism depends on a sufficient supply of minerals, trace elements and vitamins. The overtaxing of the systems through excessive consumption on the one hand and the lack of supply through industrial food production on the other leads to an increasing deficit of these vital substances. Zinc, for example, is involved in over 200(!) enzymes in our body. A zinc deficiency leads to a disturbance of protein synthesis and thus to wound healing disorders, cartilage and bone damage or premature skin ageing.

Without targeted nutritional supplements and micronutrient therapy, you cannot age healthily today!

We try to offer you on the basis of an extensive vital material and nourishing analysis an optimal micronutrient.