Inter - X- therapy

Electrical impulses of special wave form, frequency and current density (stimulation current) introduced through the skin can stimulate the nerve fibres in the upper skin and tissue layers. The nerve fibres transmit this information via the spinal cord to the brain.

As a result, neuropeptides (messenger substances) can be released in the brain, such as endorphins. These provide the body with fast and effective pain relief. At the point where the stimulus is initiated, vegetative reactions such as increased blood flow through vasodilatation are triggered. This plays a decisive role in combating inflammation and healing wounds.

By influencing the vegetative nervous system, it also becomes understandable why the InterX system can be used to treat a variety of complaints.

The InterX ® therapy is mainly used in the acute and rehabilitation area after

  • sports]injuries and
  • surgical interventions
  • Wounds and haematomas

with resulting swelling and inflammation.


In addition, InterX ® therapy is aimed at the treatment of

  • Functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system and organ systems
  • arthrosis
  • bursitis

The aim of the InterX ® therapy is to treat acute and prolonged complaints

  • activate the body's own pain-relieving processes,
  • regenerate damaged tissue, and
  • to regulate disturbed functional processes

by stimulating the self-healing powers of the body.

Inter-X therapy should not be used on patients with cardiac pacemakers!


Important legal information:

The InterX devices are approved as medical devices in Germany. On the part of the us American FDA authority (Food and Drug Administration) they are recognized as a pain management system. The InterX therapy and its effects are not recognized in Germany by conventional medicine.