Dr. med. Tassilo König

    Born 1962, born and raised in Leipzig, Germany 

    1981 - 1987 Medical studies at the University of Leipzig

    1988 Doctorate (Dr. med.) at the Alma mater lipsiensis

    1987 - 1991 Further training as a specialist in orthopaedics at the Orthopaedics Clinic of the University of Leipzig

    since 1991 in own practice in Warburg established

    1991 completion of training in acupuncture and TCM (Dt.Akupunkturgesellschaft Düsseldorf with Prof. Stux)

    1991 Training at the Academy for Neural Therapy

    1992 Recognition of the additional title "Chirotherapy/Manual Medicine". 

    1993 Training in sonography of the musculoskeletal system and the infant hip

    1996 in training to become a trainer "Qigong Yangsheng

    since 1996 continuous training in pain therapy, medical hypnosis and other traditional healing methods

    1997 Recognition of the additional designations "physical therapy" and "sports medicine"

    since 2009 current certification as osteologist DVO/ Osteological speciality practice/ Osteological speciality centre

    2011 Graduate of the Mind-Body-Summer School

    Study of Tibetan Medicine with Prof.Dr.P.Y.Arya T.Sherpa, former director of the Men-Tsee-Khang College for    Tibetan Medicine Dharamsala/India

    since 2019 Advanced training in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine

    Authorization for further education in the field of orthopaedics / trauma surgery

    Member of the Professional Association of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery and of the Association of Osteologists OWL

    Member of the International Society for Medical LASER Applications (ISLA)

    Author of several articles in medical journals

    Author of the book "Arthrosis - quite different - Why arthrosis is not destiny" (ISBN 978-3-03831-188-1)