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Dear patient,

In order to be able to advise and treat you optimally as a doctor in my practice, your motivation and willingness to cooperate are the most important prerequisites.

However, knowledge about topics such as prevention and prevention, connections between lifestyle and illnesses, treatment options etc. are important prerequisites.

For this reason I would like to inform you about interesting and worth knowing facts about your health and offer you the following lectures, for which you can register free of charge in the following form:

  • Arthrosis - quite different. Everything you should know about arthrosis as a patient in order to keep yourself fit and healthy. Quite different from what you have been told so far. With signing hour to the current book "Arthrosis - quite different". There are alternatives to artificial joint replacement?

Book presentation in the rooms of the doctor´s office: Friday, 23.11.2018 at 16:00 clock

  • Osteoporosis. Everything to the clinical picture Osteoporosis. Causes, symptoms, diagnostics, therapy and self-treatment. Osteoporosis is curable!
  • Qigong. In cooperation with a physiotherapy practice we give an introduction to the thinking and feeling of Asians. Use this opportunity to enrich your everyday life!
  • Micronutrient therapy. We will explain to you the necessity and importance of targeted nutritional supplements with micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.) for your health, fitness and performance and healthy aging. An organism is only as efficient as its weakest link!

Please note that in order to use this service you must have been a patient with us at least once.

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