Cartilage Regeneration Therapy - PRP and Hyaluron Therapy

Arthrosis is the typical wear and tear of joint cartilage. An essential factor in this wear and tear and the associated painful inflammation is the change in the viscosity of the body's own synovial fluid. Causes can be: Lack of exercise, incorrect loading, overweight, chronic inflammation and much more. In his book "Arthrose - quite different" Prof. König wrote in detail about the possible causes, disease connections and treatment methods.

Once the cartilage has been destroyed, it cannot be rebuilt. Then only artificial joint replacement can help. This makes it all the more important to intervene in the wear process at an early stage. In addition to avoiding and eliminating the above-mentioned risk factors, the use of "artificial joint lubricants" has therefore established itself in the treatment. In this case, joint fluid replacement (hyaluronic acid) is supplied from the outside and the effect of the natural joint lubricant is supplemented or replaced. By means of blood sampling and centrifugation, a concentrate of endogenous growth factors (PRP) can be obtained from the patient's blood, which is used in biologically regenerative arthrosis therapy. The effects can be significantly enhanced by the combination with LASER light (see there). It has a regenerating, cell-reproductive, anti-inflammatory and pain-inhibiting effect.